2017, another new year. Another clean slate to somehow reset one’s life from the past year.  If I were to be asked on how my 2016 went? I actually have no exact word to completely describe what I felt about the year.I have mixed emotions on how my year went but nonetheless, looking back to who I was in 2015, I definitely grew stronger and learned a lot from the mistakes and journey that I took. So, 2016, you were a badass and I’m glad I made it through.

The last few days of 2016 actually made me think on how I would picture my 2017. Every year (ever since I existed), I would not take my new year’s resolution seriously. In fact, I seldom took note of it. But after reviewing on what has happened in my 2016, I thought that I needed to step up and make those necessary changes that would make my life more worthwhile. Of course, I got to be frank, I read those thought catalog articles on what new year’s resolution you should have based on your zodiac sign or some sort haha. I decided to do my own list of resolutions based on what I’d want to improve and some are really just reminders on how I should look at life.

Here are my 2017 New Year Resolutions:

1. Make healthier choices, not just in terms of the physical aspect.

2. Stop comparing my life to others. I have my own path, I should focus on it.

3. Think less of what people will think about me and start living life on how I want it.

4. Explore and travel more this year.

5. Try and be a morning person (definitely not easy for me but this is definitely a must)

6. Save up and control my spendings.

7. Appreciate the little things that makes me happy.

A new year is a chance to revamp oneself and this is my step to having better days in the coming year. How about you, what resolutions will be you be making for 2017?

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