I’ve been hearing a lot of praises about this phone and it’s about time I find out what the hype is all about. Just a disclaimer alert: I’ve been using an iPhone for years now so I was really excited to try this out and how it fairs with the other phones in the market. So, here it goes. I hope you’re all excited as I am.These are the top three things that I loved about the OPPO F3. I’m not just citing these because it’s in their features list but because I experienced it first-hand in my recent trip.

  1. Selfie/Groufie feature

Honestly, the first thing that pops in my mind when I hear OPPO is the word “groufie” because of its commercial. It kind of has that built in go-pro effect going on with its front camera. They call it the dual selfie camera which boasts 16 megapixels. Plus the camera has tons of unique features like double exposure and you can even make your own GIF.

I gotta say this is the best feature that they have on this phone. Me and my friends kept on using this feature non-stop because I mean, a trip isn’t complete without the perfect groufie.

Not that bad for indoor selfies as well!

And while we’re all adoring the front camera, the 13 MP rear cam does a good job too. The images are sharp and the colors are really nice especially in good lighting.

2. Battery life

  • Smartphones and their awful battery life huh? Well, not the case for this phone. Surprisingly, this phone has a lot of energy after just one charge. We went on for a full day of travelling, scrolling through social media, taking photos and you can imagine the rest on how many times we used the phone. I mean, we’re millenials aren’t we. THIS PHONE STILL HAS SOME JUICE AT THE END OF THE DAY. I was really surprised. But one con that I’d say for this would be the charging time because it would take longer than usual. But for me not to plug in a power bank in the middle of the day, still worth it if you ask me.

3. Sleek Design and Touch Access

  • You know the feeling of scrambling when you can’t unlock your phone and have to type in your password? Yeah I hate that. Again, I was surprised with how seamless the touch access was. You don’t even have to press the button. Just lightly put your finger in the sensor and voíla you’re ready to use your phone right away.

Their notification center is also looks sleek and everything you need is just one tap away.

Overall experience with the phone I’d say was superb. So it’s a total YAY!!! I was really amazed at the camera and if I were to buy this phone, it would be for the camera! I’d recommend this phone for people who are travelling and wants to take some amazing selfies. Also, for those who wants a quality smartphone on a budget, this one’s for you. OPPO F3 is available in stores nationwide with a retail price of Php 15,990.


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