Been on a hiatus lately on blogging since school work has been dominating my time over the past few months. How I miss the long summer break so bad, but luckily I had a quick getaway to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam just this weekend. It was a quick trip but it was something I looked forward to because I think I needed that escape from the hustle and bustle ofย Manila. What I love about Vietnam are the people. They never fail to amaze me. There was this one time that I was taking a photo of a building and a boy approached me saying what that building was. I think I can quite compare them to Filipinos as I can say they are very friendly people too. Also, the atmosphere in Vietnam was somewhat the same here in the Philippines maybe because of the humid weather. But overall, it was a pleasant stay.

Since it was a short staycation, I wasn’t able to capture a lot of photos during my trip but luckily I got a few good shots. I decided to entitle this post,ย postcard snapshotsย as I think the photos that I took can serve as postcards from my recent trip. So, here are a few snapshots that I was lucky enough to get:

This was a random shot I took while waiting along the sidewalk and it just so happens that this lady was walking holding her bike full of bananas. Now this is what you call perfect timing!
This was where we attended sunday mass since we wanna know how mass was being done there and yes, it’s the same. I love the structure of this cathedral, you will feel as if you were in France by just looking at it. FYI, During the time it was built, it was considered as the most beautiful cathedral of this kind in all the french colonies as the materials were all imported from France
This was something you’d be surprised when you go to Vietnam. There were more motorcyles than cars. We were crossing the street when I saw this and it was like there’s a race about to begin.

P.Sย If you were to have a quick weekend getaway where would it be? Comment it below!

All photos taken by iPhone 5s

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