Life lately has been round the clock and I think that being too busy is already the norm in the world we live in today. I think our generation has been so obsessed with the idea of being busy that we sometimes tend to forget to enjoy what we have.ย Well maybe, we just like being busy because it can be the equivalent of productivity. But how aboutย let’s all stop giving the “Sorry, I’m too busy” excuse and enjoy life with what we want to do and be with family and friends that we truly love. I mean, don’t you ever miss being bored? ‘Cause I sure do.

And again, acads, work, org work, thesis and *other stuff* has been draining me.ย Luckily, me and my girls got together this weekend and finally had the time to de-stress and enjoy life outside social media. After endless chikas, we decided on having a shoot just for fun. So, here’s the photos that made the cut!

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