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It’s been a while since I posted something here on the blog. I’ve been occupied with real world stuff. Kidding. Well, in that time I got to learning how to make digital collage art through an online course. Through this, I got to express myself even more. It made me think what message I want to share to the world with every collage that I’m making. So, here’s one of the experimental collage that I’ve done and I want to share to you guys the story behind it.

“We live in a world where everyone is watching. We grow up thinking that the right thing is when society says it so. We tend to let society get the best of us. But bear in mind that we are bigger than what society tells us. It’s time to appreciate what being you is all about.”

I posted my collage on facebook a couple of weeks ago with that caption. When I was working on this collage, at first I really just wanted the background to be new york city, I mean come on, it’s new york haha. But when I got to think of what message I wanted to convey with it, it got me thinking. What was new york symbolizing for me in the collage? Was it something more than just a city? That’s when I thought of it as the society. The world we are currently living in.

With tall skyscrapers, bustling streets and different personalities all in one place, it’s hard not to be seen or even judged. Society has eyes on everything that we do. There is like a rule of some kind that we all need to follow in order to be considered as part of the norm. In order to be called beautiful, you must look like this, you must do that. There are always guidelines on how to be that perfect person. But I think, you should never let society tell you who you are. We live in a world where everyone’s a critic, yes including you. I don’t exclude myself from this. But I just realized that once you let the negativity of other people get into you, it’s a one step backward to being the real you because you let other people define who you are. I’ve encountered negative thoughts before and it made me feel like I’m never going to be as good as the others. That I need to be this and that to be recognized or even get to what I want. But in the end, after thinking, that doesn’t really make me happy because that’s not the real me.

Do what you love not because other people want it for you or you want to impress them, do it because you want to. We need to start living our lives as how we want it to be. Haters are gonna be there to pull you down, for sure. Just be there to always hang tight and make sure to pull yourself back up again. Remember, we only have one shot at this, so make yours worth it!



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