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Vegas is known for its casinos and alike but what I love about it is that it has a wide array of hotels (although I haven’t really been to vegas lol). I love hotels and if ever I go to vegas, I’d love to do some hotel hopping and see what each one can offer! That is why I was so thrilled when invited me to join their #UltimateVegasStyle challenge. has a huge collection of hotels to choose from if you want to stay in Las Vegas, and the best part is that they also offer discounts (which means more pocket money for travelling yayy). I mean who wouldn’t want some discounts, right? So, I drawn my inspiration from their hotels and came up with two looks if ever I find myself wandering around the sin city.

If you’ve followed me on my social media accounts, you would know how much I love New York. So, after snooping around their website, I found that there’s this New York themed hotel and of course, I chose to draw inspiration out of this beauty!

new york

The New York, New York hotel is like the little big apple in Vegas. I loved that there is a life-sized statue of liberty which is basically a trademark of New York and some bar and restaurants that totally captures the city vibe.



My look is more of a chill and chic style. The denim halter top gives a more laidback look and of course, some boots would do the trick to make this look ready for a day in new york. I think this outfit is shopping ready with blair waldorf, kidding.


Since New York was all about the hustle and bustle of the city, I chose the next location as something more relaxing. I found the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa to be the perfect place! The exterior itself already left me in awe. Plus the entrance with the palm trees was a true coast calling. Seeing the palm trees definitely grabbed my attention that’s why I got my inspiration from it.

westin lake

My second look is more of a summer vibe since the location also is more of a resort. This dress is perfect for walking around the resort and chilling by the pool and maybe having some drinks. It’s easy, flowy and breezy which makes it the perfect getaway look. I can already picture myself wearing this and just chilling over at the lotus court.




Just looking over at the hotels made me want to go book a flight to vegas already haha. A big thank you for for the challenge. If you ever find yourself in vegas, look over at on which hotels to stay! That was my take on the #UlltimateVegasStyle challenge. What about yours?

Look # 1: Top Stitch Clothing | Pants Forever 21 | Boots H&M | Bag Coach

Look # 2: Dress Forever 21 | Shoes Adidas | Cardigan Thrift shop

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