Spontaneous shoots are the best. You end up somewhere, shoot and you’ll be amazed at how amazing the results can be. That’s why I always bring with me my handy camera when I think there’s a shoot opportunity!

This post is one of those moments. Again, I haven’t posted a while and here’s me making up for it with an outfit post. I’ve been frustrated lately with how badly I want to improve my photography skills. But I learned to trust the process and I’ll just see where this goes.

I’ve been eyeing on these yellow-tinted sunnies since they first went out but I’d always have a sold out sign posted in front of my screen. Luckily, this certain branch had it and ohh la la, I finally copped them! This trend has been around for quite a few months now and it definitely adds a pop of color to any look. I love how it instantly brightens up everything. I can officially say that yellow is my new favorite color!

I paired it up with a simple tee I got from Bench and a leather skirt from Forever 21, which I got on sale (right size and the right price, what a snatch right?). Really looking forward to creating more content this year so if you wanna collab, hmu! 🙂

Sunnies Sunnies Studios | Raglan Tee Bench | Leather Skirt Forever 21 | Sneakers Gucci

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